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Which Residential Elevator is the best Solution for You?

Primarius Elevator can help you find a Elevator that will suit your needs for a new or existing home.

The first step towards improving your home's accessibility is to know all the available options.

 And don't worry if things don't make sense; we here at Primarius Elevator are more then happy to go over all the details and questions you might have.


First, lets look at mechanical differences between elevators, and the advantages and disadvantages of each category.


Click on the highlighted text below to pick a category.


Hydraulic Elevators


    This is a low noise generating design, with a hydraulic jack and rail equipment, utilized to lift the elevator car at a 1:2 ratio. For every foot that the jack rises, the car rises two feet. The jack and rail equipment is mounted either to the rear or to the side of the car, depending upon the opening configuration.



  • Smooth quiet opperation
  • Requires minimal overhead space
  • Dependable long lasting system
  • Better ride quality



  • Requires minimum 8in pit
  • Oil based system
    Geared traction Elevators are driven by a AC electric motor, which controls the Elevator car's movements by moving a well calculated counterweight system.


  • Low cost reliable Design
  • Minimum pit requirement
  • Low long term maintenance cost
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Higher noise level
  • Typically requres greater overhead space